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Monday, March 22, 2010


Dear all my blogger,

Sorry for didn't update my new to you all. So sorry about that. After surgery, my life getting more busy and busy with personal date. lol. Now getting more prettier, and nobody know that i have done plastic surgery before. So happy with that.

Dear be a better gal, sorry make you worry. I'm fine here. Will up to date to you all that my picture :)

Friday, November 20, 2009


I just checking my mail, and i notice that i received this mail. So i hope can share with you all. Even i don't know whether is it true or not, but i still hope you all can prevent bad thing happen.



不要讓她加你!她是駭客!幫忙傳下去!不傳的人是自私鬼!!再重複一遍:can.exe.bat.pig.的檔案勿開!!最新強大病毒通知!(中了!電腦就報銷了,無法重灌!)要小心一封名為「來抽支籤!」(exe檔案 ),請勿開啟,並請立即刪除!


Since i decide that to do surgery that day until now, i'm so nervous. I scare, but i still wish the day coming soon. So i can become prettier girl earlier! What can i do to stop nervous, nervous, and nervous? Who can advise me? Thanks~

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Finally i go to do consultation at Mid Valley yedsterday. The consultatant explain not so clear, and can't give the answer that i wish to know. Somemore, the price they giving really too low if compare with normal price. This really make me felt so worry about that they really will use the low cost implant and put inside my nose? I really have no idea if they just put like that, and we don't know which implant they use it, right? Why they always doing promotion? Is it that implant not good until make it can't sell all and always do promotion to clear stock? $ not a big deal for me, as long i want to get the result is nice, natural. I can earn the $ back one, but this operation is doing at my face and is forever one. I MUST choose the right clinic to do it, that time in my mind just appear those words...

After that, i direct went to Amcorp mall to do consultation. I saw the consultatant's nose which she said she did it on own clinic, look so weird. You will know that her nose abnormal. Must be fake one. If you do the plastic surgery, you must be don't let people feel that you do plastic surgery so obvious, right? That's why i feel that i gotta find another clinic to survey.

That time, i almost getting fed up. And think, why can't i get a suitable and got nice sample to make i got confident to do the problem i wish to settle it since i was young???

At last, i put the last hope which so many net friends who comment at my blog, that is located at PJ, Jaya 1- esme...
When the 1st step i walk in, i really addicted by the environment and the girls over there. They look so pretty like fairy, and this is what i want. All too pretty to me, and look like i wanna to be like them. Some of the consultatant over there got did plastic surgery, but if they didn't show me their before and after picture, i really unbelievable that are they really did that operation?! From that reason, i direct pay the deposit and will do the operation on next week. Next week is new life for me! Yeah... So happy now, and not need to worry anything anymore!

So are you happy for me too?

Thursday, November 5, 2009


So many people telling different opinions, I actually went to 2 consultation on from a centre which in Mid Valley, and another one is in Amcorp Mall, still undecided.

I must to go to another outlet at Jaya One as claimed by my friend's friend say not bad. Klang is too far for me also. Meanwhile, thank you, please please more advice.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Alice- Wonderland

Alice- Wonderland , that's my name.

I am always prefer to be called wonderland because whenever i start telling my friends since my childhood time that singing is my hobby and singer is my destiny. They will reply in only big laughs.

I'm 18 now, born with little "imperfection" in my face feature. I used to compliant about my nose and eye that never able to match my pretty and fair skin completion.

Now, I am facing a big cross road in my life. My parents permitted and allowed me to go for some alteration on my nose and double eyelids. I wish somebody will tell me more about the cosmetic enhancement? The risks and the results?

I really want to do it in a short time. My friend Celia has done a nose job at Petaling Jaya @ Jaya One but i wish to know more on other available places.

Please, please, please...
Bye Bye~