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Friday, October 30, 2009

Alice- Wonderland

Alice- Wonderland , that's my name.

I am always prefer to be called wonderland because whenever i start telling my friends since my childhood time that singing is my hobby and singer is my destiny. They will reply in only big laughs.

I'm 18 now, born with little "imperfection" in my face feature. I used to compliant about my nose and eye that never able to match my pretty and fair skin completion.

Now, I am facing a big cross road in my life. My parents permitted and allowed me to go for some alteration on my nose and double eyelids. I wish somebody will tell me more about the cosmetic enhancement? The risks and the results?

I really want to do it in a short time. My friend Celia has done a nose job at Petaling Jaya @ Jaya One but i wish to know more on other available places.

Please, please, please...
Bye Bye~


Esther said...

No need to go lah. Being natural still the best.

Bryan said...

Try few consultancy with them, but i think is good to introduced by friends.

Man said...

Personal touch is always important, i know off foreign doctors are always better because local sergeon is only good @ burn and accident cases.

wupo said...

我的鼻子和眼睛也在jaya one做的效果很好,才做了2个月

Alice In Wonderland said...

Esther, but i still feel that "im perfection" to me. I want change to be better.

Bryan, thanks for your advise. I will look towards it.

Man, ok. Get it. I will find the professional cosmetic surgeon to do operation.


Anna said...

Do you read today Sin Chew's newspaper? Got one fail case which a women do double eyelid in singapore. That's why i feel that if u really want to do, you must go to survey to get the right surgeon. If not you will regret whole life.

Alice In Wonderland said...

Yeah, i did. That's why i'm asking opinion from you all. I need to know more about cosmetic surgery. Anyway, thanks for you all info.

Anonymous said...

hey....i just called up a plastic surgery center company at mid valley ask for the price for rhino,but is cheap.i scare y the company can put so cheap price to do a surgery? i think the skill is not really good!

Alice In Wonderland said...

I not really know abt it. but i thk is a promotion rate. May i know what price that company offer you??/

Anonymous said...

erm....Rm1888,wht u think?? is cheap,but this price is so cheap,let me feel the company is cheap too..from Angela@kl

Alice In Wonderland said...

Angela, i'm getting almost the same price.I understand that different implant as different pricing. Mine is consider good and soft. I also don't know much, that's why i still undecided.
我的心好乱。 我该如何去选择呢?你做了吗?

Anonymous said...

not yet...but i see the advt in magazine,another company in pj? those gals so nice n pretty.

巫婆 said...


Anonymous said...

hi, i also plan to do rhinoplasty. may i know how much is the nose job cost in esme? and the clinic that u said in mid valley, what is the name?

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